Monday, June 3, 2013

Meet Me Mondays with Jessica Shepherd

Please welcome a dear friend of mine who has agreed to take part in my Meet Me Monday's guest posting. She's trying to get her name out there and she's hoping to self-publish this summer. I haven't read her books yet but I've spoken with some of her beta readers and they see her books are fabulous! Paranormal romance, hot boys, sex...what more could a girl ask for? Here's a little information about her! Enjoy and go show her page some love. Tell her I sent you. :)

1. How has your journey in publishing been? Anything you would or wouldn’t do again? 

Nothing as of yet my biggest issue I have with publishing is the copyrights once I get those out of the way I should be ready to publish my book . . . oh and once its edited of course ;)

2. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?  

I’m actually just roughing out my third book in the Knight’s after Dark series I’m writing and the lead female role so far I want to hit her. Hopefully she grows on me as the book progresses but so far she might lose her front teeth LOL however I do love my boys so I intend to give this one justice in his book even if I’m having problems with one of the characters. The stories are not about me they are about them and I’m just happy they chose me to write their journeys. 

3. What/Who inspired you to start writing?  

I actually had a nightmare about one of my characters Asher. I saw his story unfold first but there was so much more too it given that his book will be later it could be book 8 I will have to see. The first 4 books were so clear to me I will have to see where I’m at after book 4 Asher could be sooner.

4. How long have you been writing?  

I’ve been writing a little over 2 years now I do it when I feel like it not because I have too.

5. What advice would you give a new writer just starting out? 

 Find your own flow I constantly see people compare well this writer does this etc. I am a firm advocate that no one person is the same and what makes one person successful could be what makes you crash and burn. Take the time to find out how you work best and what feels right to you even if you think it’s stupid or you’re doing something weird if it helps do it. LOL I have a habit of compulsively clicking a pen a zillion times I just sit with it and click it while I stare at the screen it drives my hubby nuts LOL!! But for some reason that clicking leads me where I need to go.

6. Are you a pantser or a plotter? 

 Oh Pantser all the way I just go with it. I write what I write and then go back through and change and move things I sometimes will hash out a section of the book beforehand but that’s only if I am so stuck that I can’t find my way out which I was on Ryder’s book FOREVER. That was brutal because I had no clue where he was going nor how to continue but now he’s finally sorted himself out for me.

7. Who is your favorite author?

 I really love Margret Mitchell because I LOVED Gone with the Wind. I’ve also become a Jamie McGuire Fan Travis is my book boyfriend. Sylvia Day *swoon* Gideon. J.R. Ward anyone who knows me knows Zsadist is my true love through books aside from my own boys I doubt anyone will ever take Z’s place. I also have various murder/mystery/horror authors I love.

8. When did you first consider yourself a writer? 

 I have no idea …I think of myself more as a storyteller then a writer I guess.

9. What is the hardest part about writing for you?  

Some of my boys are so damaged and it breaks my soul telling some things even things to come I have one scene in my head which was the first I saw its Asher’s and it’s going to be bad I just want to bawl thinking of it and anyone who is an Asher fan later will understand when its written.

10. Do you have a favorite character from your books? If so, why and who? 

 I love them all for different reasons but if I had to pick the character I was closest to I would say Roary he’s my narrator and leads me through all the stories except for the intimate parts the characters experiencing those lead me through them but Roary was the first voice in my head as it were and he’s stayed with me so him and I are tight Lol.

11. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite? 

 I’ve written two full books and am part way through the third which I think will end up being my fave because I hate it so much right now but I was so proud of how book two turned out after all my struggles so that one is my fave as of today.

12. Do you do research for your books or does it all come from your head?  

It all comes from my head I did small research on Knightly traditions but everything is as different as my characters are Vampires, Shape shifters, Howlers, Dragons. Demi-gods I have giants and fairies, goblins and witches it’s all really interesting to see how they complete the series some play minor roles and others play large and half the time I am surprised at myself like whoa where did that come from.

13. What is your favorite colour? 


14. What is your favorite food? 

 Chicken Parm

15. What is your favorite smell? 


16. Do you have any strange habits?  

This could take all day I do various random shit all the time like for instance I collect glow sticks… is that normal LMAO I don’t even crack them I just have this huge drawer full and I have said I’m going to get rid of them and NEVER do.

17. Where are you from? Do you still live there? If not, what do you miss about it?  

I am from St. Catharines Ontario Canada and I’m still here :)

18. Ebook or print? And why?

 Both I am personally not an ebook person I prefer a book there’s something comforting about it for me so I will be doing both. The ebook may come first though.
19. How do you keep your writing different from all the others that write in this particular genre?  

Oh this one is easy I drive Amee, Selena and Norma my A Team nuts I’m like read this if it reminds you of anything I’m changing it LMAO

20. What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you? 

 I guess you could say I don’t believe in the perfect happily ever I try to put as much real world problems and experiences into my books if everything always works it gets boring a dry I want my readers always on the end of their seats and wondering OMG what will happen next.

Where to find her:
Facebook: Jessica Shepherd
As I haven’t revealed my cover yet I won’t be sharing that lol


  1. Jessica my dear we have discussed this ..... NOTHING BAD will happen to Asher .... NOTHING!!!

    Awesome Interview Jo!! <3

  2. Hey Jessica! :) I'm just curious, do your characters "speak" to you too, like JR Ward's does to her..? Or do you rule over them and tell them which way they should go? The question goes to you too, JoAnna! :D