Wednesday, July 10, 2013

20 Random Facts with Steffie Dawn

So I'm starting a new thing to help readers get to know their favorite authors more. Who doesn't want to know 20 random facts about the people that write these amazing stories? Here's my first ;)


20 random facts about Steffie Dawn

1. I don't snore but I do talk in my sleep

2. I regularly wear odd socks

3. I'm easy to prank

4. But I do you get you back

5. I carry more things in my purse than most people climbing up Everest

6. I'm afraid of horses

7. I'm ashamed to admit it but I know all the lyrics to every Hannah Montana song ever

8. I can't drive

9. I dye my hair often but never get it right

10. I never really wear makeup

11. I hate feet

12. Superglue is a hard limit... I'll leave that to your imagination.

13. I cried the first time I shot a rifle

14. I'm severely claustrophobic

15. I love nuts ;)

16. I suffer with chronic brain to mouth filters malfunction 

17. It's been nearly a year since I learned to spell private

18. I change my mind a lot

19. I'm afraid of the man known only as Mr Rob...

20. It's rare I sleep in my own bed choosing instead to sleep with two other women
Thank you Steffie for these very criptic facts. LOL!

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