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So excited to be announcing this giveaway that Dawn Robertson and I are hosting!! Enter for you chance to win some amazing goodies!! And here, for your viewing pleasure is an excerpt from our up and coming novel, Uncomplicated:

“So Nora is becoming cozy with Dean.” Jennifer laughed.The deep husky sound traveled through me, lighting my skin on fire.
“Do that again.” Her gaze met mine, the smile on her face faltering.
“Laugh. Again,” I demanded.

She licked her lips making my body buzz with adrenaline. She leaned forward, pushing her chest into the table. My gaze travelled to the swell of her breasts, that I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on. Her puckered nipples, hardening under my touch as she enjoyed the bite of my pinch.

“God, the way you look at me. It’s like you want to eat me alive,” she said quietly. My eyes met hers and she shook herself, her cheeks reddening at her silent admission.
I smiled. “More like devour, love.”
She grinned. “You don’t seem fazed by my choice of career.”

“I’m not.” I wasn’t a fan but it’s not like I did things in my life that were any better. I wasn’t one to judge.
“But I will tell you, you will not be having sex for money anymore.”
She frowned. “Mathis, I—”
I slapped the table, my temper getting the best of me. “No. I will fucking pay you if that’s what it takes but no other man or woman is getting their hands on you.”
“Why? Why me? You can have anyone you fucking want, Mathis.”
“I want you,” I said matter-of-factly. I didn’t know why she was arguing. Couldn’t she sense the connection? The raw physical chemistry between us? When she came against me in the elevator, it took everything in me not to rip off her panties and fuck the shit out of her.

She huffed. “But why? I don’t get it. What is so fucking fascinating about me?”

What was so fascinating about her? I hadn’t figured that out yet. All I knew was that once our eyes met the night before, I felt something. It was a pull so strong, it took my breath away and it would be over my fucking dead body before I let her go.


“Where is she now?” Dean asked me as he stood at the patio window.
“In the shower,” I mumbled. She had been doing that a lot today. Always running. Always hiding from what I knew she wanted. Call me crazy or even delusional, but I knew she was the one. Marriage was the only way to get her to see that and even though she wasn’t coherent when she said, I do, it was fucking worth it. She clearly needed a night of no inhibitions. A night of losing one self as the alcohol took over. Next time she submitted, it would be to me, minus the alcohol.

“How’s it going?”

I leaned my head from side to side, cracking the tendons in my neck. The slight twinge of pain travelled down my spine sending a chill through my body. “Could be worse.” Could be better as well. I needed to get laid, and it needed to be fucking soon. My hand was not cutting it anymore. And God knows I had jerked off three times since I said I do. There should be a law against that.

I scoffed. “Show yourself out,” I mumbled and headed to my bedroom.
Steam travelled underneath the bathroom door, swirling into the air. The sound of water running sent a hot flush over my body. This was it. It was time and there was no fucking way Jennifer would say no.
I walked into the bathroom, the silhouette of her small frame blurred by the glass shower. My cock hardened, my skin buzzed, adrenaline coursed through me at the sight. Her back stiffened and she turned around, looking at me through the glass. I took that as my chance and opened the shower stall.

Her eyes were wide, filled with a hunger I had never seen before. My chest rose and fell with ragged breath. “Tell me.” Her nostrils flared. “Fuck me.” I growled and pushed her up against the wall before lifting her.

She gasped and moaned, wrapping her legs around my hips. Her hands gripped my shirt and pulled, splitting it in half. Buttons flew, pinging off the walls before crashing to the tiled floor.

Our mouths crashed in an onslaught of rough hunger and desire. My dick threatened to explode when her nails scraped down my chest. “Fuck, love. You’re gonna kill me,” I said against her mouth. My hands travelled down her naked back and cupped her ass, pulling her flush against me.
“I need you. Inside me.”
She broke our kiss and reached between us, cupping my erection. She gave a squeeze and winked. “Depends. How do you want it?”

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