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Falling Into Place Blog Tour by Brandy L Rivers

18+ Adult themes 

Robert would have done anything for Liz, even let her go when she claimed she needed to be alone. With his life in shambles, he dove into his work as a Silver Council enforcer.

Liz never fit in, but to protect her first love, she walked away when a wild burst of magic nearly killed him. Tremaine found her, and helped her put her life back together.

The man who tore her world apart awakes from a 21 year slumber with revenge on his mind. Nothing will stop James from tearing the power from Liz’s body.

After learning James is alive, Robert rushes to Liz and bands together with Tremaine to keep her safe. Facing her worst fears Liz realizes she can only fall apart or fall into place.

** Spoiler/Fair Warning **
The romance winds up in a permanent threesome


Her focus was mostly on averting her attention from Robert who made her tingly all over. She didn’t want to think about the way she wanted him to wrap his arms around her and hold her, among other things she refused to even consider.

Her legs were curled up under her, her hand was tangled in her hair to keep it off her face as she pretended to read.

“Come on, Ace, tell me you figured it out,” Preston practically pleaded.

Then it clicked. She knew exactly what it meant. One night, when she couldn’t sleep she was playing with different types of energy. Tremaine had told her how to combine two totally different spells to form a new. She’d been doing it ever since, and never figured out the significance. It came naturally, but apparently it was an advanced technique.

She tapped her finger on the page and looked into Preston’s cool blue eyes. His hair stood in every direction from the many times he’d dragged his fingers through it.

“It’s not that hard,” she told him. “They want you to combine two different elements to form your own spell.”

“How in the world do you do that?” Preston slumped back in his seat. “That’s impossible.

Liz took a look around the empty diner. Preston’s mother ran the place, and most of the customers were Other, so hopefully she wouldn’t scare a nosy human.

She caught her lip between her teeth and dragged Preston’s empty plate over. Drawing two circles on the plate, she created one ring of fire and one ring of arcing electricity.

Robert’s jaw fell open, and then he whispered, “How?”

Her eyes flashed up, but all she saw was amazement on his face.

Preston whispered in awe, “I’ve only ever seen advanced mages use two elements at once, and never separate at the same time.”

“You need to concentrate fire to one hand and lightning to the other.” Her eyes lifted to Preston’s then Robert’s. “Now watch.” She dragged her fingers toward the middle and the spells merged, expanding as they zapped and sizzled the salt still on the plate.

Preston reached out and touched before she could pull her hands away.

He yelped in pain as he blew on his fingers. “Wow, that’s insane.”

Robert chuckled, but when she met his gaze, he smiled back at her. “Can you teach us?”
She nodded slightly. “Sure. Hold out your hands.”

Preston frowned, but put his hands out. Robert did the same but held his palms upright. “Like Robert,” she told Preston and then held her own out. “Imagine a flickering flame in one palm.”

Robert’s right palm flared to life, while Preston’s left did. “Now concentrate and envision the electricity dancing in your other hand.”

There was a spark in Robert’s. He gasped and she felt the charge as he moved to put his hands closer.

“Wait.” She closed her hands over his palms before he could meld the spells. His magic washed over her and she barely held back a whimper as their gazes locked. Her voice came out breathless. “You want to be outside the first time you do that. It can cause a big blast.”

There was another crackle and Preston jumped. His spells fizzled out as he bounced in his seat. “I did it, I really did it.”

Liz yanked her hands back and shoved them under her thighs as her gaze swung to Preston who was beyond excited.

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About the Author
I've always loved books, especially about monsters and magic, so I started writing. I'm working on a prequel and the next few books in the Others of Edenton series, and I have a head full of stories to share.

I'm a stay at home mother with a wonderful husband who lets me write and write to my hearts content.


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