Friday, March 21, 2014

Remember Me (Shattered, #3) Cover Reveal by ME!!!!!

I am so happy and proud to announce the cover reveal for Remember Me (Shattered, #3). As this is book takes me out of my comfort zone regarding writing BDSM...reading, I love the genre but I've never written it before so this is a definite first for me. But the lifestyle was needed and embraced both by Garrith and Keisha. It's a beautiful story and I have to say that I'm honestly very proud of this book. Now it's much different than Break Me and Always Me as it centers around the love that Garrith and Keisha have for each other. Remember, Keisha has no memory of him, so that plays a HUGE factor. The story is my shortest but the love is definitely one of my strongest. I hope you all enjoy. I couldn't ask for a better group of readers. For those that have not been introduced to my Shattered series yet, read them. They are a must. Break Me was my debut novel and I can't believe how far I've come and how much I've learned since then. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.


***WARNING: Due to the graphic nature, this book is not intended for a younger audience. Story also contains BDSM***

Remembering is just the beginning.
Keisha Lee had her life ripped apart at the hands of Jose Alvarez. Not having anywhere to turn, she seeks solace from the one man who could give her everything she needed. Only problem is, she doesn’t remember him.
Garrith Jameson, FBI agent on a leave of absence, has been in love with Keisha his whole life, and she’s always gotten under his skin. They were happy. Complete. Until that horrible day destroyed them, tearing them apart.
Having amnesia is one thing but remembering the mistakes that had been made could separate Garrith and Keisha forever.
A world of trust, healing and new memories arise, making Keisha need more than just the man she knew she once loved.
Will Keisha remember Garrith and give in to the submission her body craves?

When Jo-Anna isn't working her Monday-Friday 9-5 job, she's spending her time reading, writing and with the love of her life.
She's an all-around Canadian girl. Born and raised in a small city.
If you don't see Jo-Anna writing, you'll find her with her nose in a book. Whether it's her words or someone else's, she's drawn to it.
Jo-Anna loves stories with Alpha broken males and that need to be ripped apart and put back together again. Men that fall to their knees over a wink or a giggle from their females.
Two things you will never find Jo-Anna without; her cell phone and lip gloss. If she has both of those items, you have a happy girl.
Since starting her writing adventure in 2013, Jo-Anna has met many people, real life, online, in her head and she loves every single one of them. Without the support from others, none of this would be possible and she's grateful for all that has been given to her.

To learn more, visit Jo-Anna on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Pinterest.

Jo-Anna Walker is also author of Break Me, Always Me, In the Heart of Forever (A Heart Story) and Possessed by You and Uncomplicated that she co-wrote with Dawn Robertson.

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